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8-Frequency Rotary Expansion and 5-Frequency Vibration Male Aircraft Cup丨Power By Easylive

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Product Introduction

  • Realistic Feel: Crafted with high-quality. soft. and elastic materials. this masturbator simulates a genuine touch. offering you an intimate experience akin to being with a real partner.
  • Rotating Telescopic Mode: This male masturbator features a unique rotating telescopic mode that automatically adapts to your needs. providing a more vivid and dynamic sensation during use.
  • LCD Screen Interaction: The device comes with a user-friendly LCD screen. allowing you to effortlessly adjust the settings. explore additional features and modes. and cater to your specific desires.
  • Sound Function: To enhance the sense of realism. this product also incorporates a sound function. offering you the delightful experience of having an intimate partner whispering in your ear.
  • Rechargeable Heating Base: The masturbator includes a rechargeable heating base. providing you with lasting warmth. Simply charge it before use to ensure the ultimate indulgence.
  • Self-Heating Inner Sleeve: The product's inner sleeve also features a heating function. delivering warmth to your sensitive areas. so you can enjoy endless passion even on colder days.
  • Easy Disassembly: The male masturbator is easy to disassemble. ensuring hassle-free cleaning and maintenance. This allows you to maintain proper hygiene and enjoy a safe. clean pleasure experience.

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