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Galaxy Battleship Telescopic & Suction Heated Men's Masturbator丨Power By Svakom

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Double Channel Sucking: Experience intense pleasure with the double channel sucking feature, providing heightened stimulation and satisfaction during use.
300 Times/Minute: Enjoy powerful and exhilarating sensations with the 300 times/minute suction action, delivering a dynamic and invigorating experience.
Full Function Display: Easily navigate through various settings and modes with the full function display, allowing for effortless customization and control.
Double Entrance: Enhance versatility and enjoyment with the double entrance design, offering diverse and stimulating experiences for every use.
Multi-Frequency Variable Speed: Tailor your experience with the multi-frequency variable speed feature, enabling personalized and adjustable pleasure at your fingertips.
Easy to Disassemble: Effortlessly clean and maintain your device with the easy-to-disassemble design, ensuring convenience and hygiene after each use.

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