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OC Gawk Gawk 5000 Pro 5 Thrusting 5 Rotating 10 Vibrating Modes

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Product Description

  • Two-Way Rotation for Dissimilar Blowjob Sex- This cutting-edge male masturbator features dual-direction rotation. Clockwise rotation boosts your sexual desire, and anticlockwise rotation triggers climax, offering a dynamic and thrilling experience.
  • Enjoy 5 Dynamic Rotating Modes for Unparalleled Pleasure- 2 teasing modes for desire and climax, a training mode for endurance, a climax mode for intense pleasure. Last, a masterstroke mode that balances sensitivity for a powerful final experience.
  • Deepest Fulfillment for Glans with Unique Thrust and 5 Thrusting Modes - As you stroke to the end of the sex machine, the soft and flexible materials simulate the sensation of the deepest parts of throat, offering the best blowjob to your glans.
  • Visible Dual Motors for 360°Surrounding Vibration- Our advanced stroker features dual motors for 360°all-encompassing vibrations. With 10 distinct vibrations, it delivers a deeply satisfying, multi-dimensional experience.
  • Explore 250 Ways to Play for Endless Fun- Featuring 5 thrusting levels, 5 rotation modes, and 10 vibration settings, this male sex toy offers an array of options for both gentle motions and intense action, ensuring endless possibilities to explore.
  • Visible LCD Digital Screen for Mode Adjustment- Our sex toy for men features an easy-to-read LCD screen, allowing for quick mode changes and the recall of favorite combinations of thrusting, rotating, vibration for a tailored experience every time.
  • Transparent Crystal Materials & Gripping Beads -Made of lifelike TPE material, its inner sleeve offers a comfortable fit. The gripping beads inside rub against your penis to bring a better feeling than with hands, adding more thrill and excitement.

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